Undas 2010

November 1 is "Undas" or All Saints Day, here in the Philippines we dedicate this day in reminiscing our loved ones who pass away by lighting candles, flowers and offer prayers on their tomb. This is also the same time we saw our grannies, Aunts, cousins  more like a reunion.

For my sons it was hist first to visit our relatives museleo and he enjoys it so much he even burns his eyelashes that, ang likot sobra.

Torn Between Two Boys

I finally decide to choose between the two, yes after months of thinking and weighing things. I choose to leave Levi behind and be with Junuel.

It is the most selfless thing to do right now, it breaks my heart to leave my son and not to physically feel the warmth of  his sincere kisses and hugs every day, but I am doing this for his good. For him to have a better future so he can have a house of his own and a comfortable living as well.

I will be Junuel for the coming months, we would be like a newlywed again, just the two of us. Don't get me wrong, I am happy that I will be with my husband it's just that I feel a part of me will not be normal again without Levi on my side.

Surely there will be a lot of tearful nights, they say that "homesickness" will just be for a week or two and you will get use to it. I am not sure of it, yes there are YM and skype, but still I won't get to kiss my son, I won't be able to smell him, it will cold without his hugs at night.

Junuel assure me we will get Levi as soon as we manage to have a pass for him, but that will materials only after few months or even a year. I am hoping to survive this phase of our life, I pray to God for His guidance especially to my precious love, my Levi.

Sunday Out: Pre-Halloween Weekend

With our usual sunday out, our destination, Greenbelt 5 with its Halloween corner
Munch munch fist!


Halloween at Greenbelt 5

He just grab it, the pumpkin.

Mommy can we take this home?!

Feeling comfortable by his side

Can I have one please....

What are you doing there?

This is the perfect one! Need to take this home quick

Philippine 2010 Election Guide

Posted of My other blogs too My Simple Life andIn My Opinion

At Exactly 25 days from now every Filipino will exercise our rights to elect national leaders and help us God to choose the one who is less corrupt, at least conscientious and economically efficient (to the country and not on their own pockets) future public officials.

2010 May Election is another history which will ink permanently in our books, may it be in good or bad point we will soon know. Since our voting procedure will evolve from manual writing of names and one-by-one counting of ballots to computerize voting involving the very much controversial PCOS machine. These aims for fast voting process, fast tallying in seconds and fast proclamation of winners.

What is PCOS machine? It is a counting machine or Precinct Count Optical Scanner so to say, I had been searching the net to find out tips on how to manipulate it este! use it, but I can't find all I gather is that  voters only involvement on this machine is feeding the ballot on it and make sure that it accepts your vote and the rest will be taken care of by PCOS technicians aka board of election inspector. They say that certain data and information should be kept in confidential for the sake of security, I really hope those codes and passwords won't leak out and PCOS software are hack-free to ensure CLEAN and HONEST.

What if a brownout occurs on May 10? Comelec ensure that there is a back-up batteries that can supply power to PCOS machine for up to 16 hours.

Since our responsibility is to choose the rightful person for the public official position I might as well share with you some guidelines I had seen on the net from Commission On Elections (COMELEC)

1. The voter shall, using a ballot secrecy folder and the marking pen provided by the COMELEC, fill his ballot by fully shading the oval beside the names of the candidates and political party participating in the party list system of representation of his choice.
2. The voter shall then approach the PC0S machine; insert his ballot in the ballot entry slot and wait until the ballot is dropped into the ballot box. The Board of Election Inspector  shall monitor the PCOS screen to make sure that the ballot was successfully accepted. Thereafter, the voter shall return the ballot secrecy folder and marking pen to the chairman.
3. The chairman shall apply indelible ink at the base and extending to the cuticle of the right forefinger nail of the voter, or any other nail if there be no forefinger nail.
4. The voter shall affix his thumb mark on the corresponding space (beside his/her name) in the computerized voter’s list.
5. The voter shall then leave the polling place.
Click the picture to enlarge
As added Precaution please note the following;
- Check your precinct and sequence numbers on a list at the voting place days before the election to avoid hassle during election day. You can also check your precinct on COMELEC's online Registration Verification just click on the link.
-Comelec deletes names of voters who have not voted for two consecutive elections.
-Bring extra Valid Identification Card with picture and signature just in case problem arise during validation.
-Be very extra careful in marking your ballot since COMELEC issue exact number of ballot on each specific precincts. This means that you cannot commit mistake in markings or your vote will not be counted. These ballots contain bar-codes which are unique for each precinct and Ultraviolet Markings to identify fraud ones.
-Cellphones and cameras are not allowed inside the precinct.

There are lots of speculations regarding how candidates will cheat and manipulate the 2010 election, news about jammers and disc switching and it is a reality we cannot prevent those power-hungry people from doing this thing, but we can do something by voting wisely, don't be lure by those popularity measures they publish on if who is on top of those stupid surveys. Vote for the person whom you truly believe have the best intention for our country and be vigilant with your camera and cellphone, there a lots of watch station like ABS CBN and GMA these are trusted networks where you can easily text message, call, twitter or email some suspicious people or situation on your place.



Blooms on my potted garden

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