Fuller Life

Living your life to the fullest doesn’t necessarily mean live out of the norms, it’s about on getting contentment in doing, sincerity and care less of societal opinion.

One thing is fulfilling your religious obligation, Attendance to church mass and ministry gatherings. In my belief, it’s better not to do the thing/act if u were halfheartedly obliging to. Following your beliefs shouldn’t be treat as an obligation but a commitment where we have to give our full sincerity. Attend a sacred gathering with a full heart and intent of its purpose.

The idea of having a bad-reputation is one of an easy way to live a fulfilled life. With it, they expect less of you. It render certain freedom to do something right but out of society norms, they won’t bother criticize you.

Nevertheless, it is all depends on your philosophy. It is all a matter choice, to live out of the standards and care less of societal reputation or choose normal socially approved existence.

Give importance to your real happiness, be sincere to your actions and care less of what other think of you. We shall all live just a lifetime unknown of its extent. Enjoy it. Make it meaningful. LIVE IT.

I wrote it last Wednesday, November 7th, 2007 at 4:20 am, my first Blog in friendster.


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