Our Moments

Memories of our early romantic moments always put a smile on my face. Oh no this is not my post-valentine article, it's just that being together for almost three years thing seems gradually change a lot specially after settling down for almost 19 months.
Starting out as friends for a while, night outs and out of town trips we make sure we are always present in every invitation we got from our friends not only to please them, but most of all for us to be together often. There are even a time that we had an all-weekend of the month trip. As often as our group trips we also have our time alone together, most of the time we go for a stroll on parks, churches and some architectural inspired buildings for him to study since he is reviewing for his PRC exam then and just new in Manila.
Our romantic relationship started that way, we love sunset by the beach may it be in Bicol Beaches or just by the Manila bay it doesn't matter, actually we officially got together on the sunset of December 2, 2007. After then I always got to have flowers, sweets and teddy bears in no chosen day, each given in a distinguished different ways and all have kilig effects on me.
But since our early hitch to parenting last 2009 a lot of things have changed. Our happiness no longer includes going out instead we spend lot more time at home with our little boy. From romantic dinner to home-cooked meals and our kilig moments, beside those kiss and sweet jokes, is almost about to extinct. The only flower I got nowadays are those from my potted roses. I miss those times that we got ourselves alone, right now going out means that includes the yaya.
I am writing this on purpose of grabbing the romantic getaway for two from Hit a Bargain, we needed this break  alone again to rekindle our romantic moments in full privacy. It will surely be relaxing for us to stay at least for One Fine Day into One Great Place to recharge our body and mind and since it was located in Tagaytay, a half and hour away from manila it will never be far from home.


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