I Need a pair of Shoes


 This is a story of a young simple man hearing his story touches my heart it is.

He is a 15 year old senior high school student, belong to an average family with seven siblings, life is not comfortable for them. He got a full time Pastor father and a store owner mother, they live a simple life with earnings from their sari-sari store, some fruiting trees and manage a little piggery.

He manage to do the piggery job, he feed the pigs in the morning and after school he wash them he does it everyday with 6 square cement pigsty and still manage to play basketball afterward with his kababata..

He loves to play basketball, its the only luxury he have. And so their school sportfest came, he join the basketball team and was chosen as one of the first five, he was so happy to announced it to the family and his sibling are equally excited for him. But he got a problem his rubber shoes was worn out and his father refuse to give money even to for those cheap bargain one. He fervently as him for days but he refuse to and told him just take care of the pigs his brothers are in collage they need money for their education and it's a waste to spent it on some unnecessary things.

And so his last high school sportsfest pass with him just sitting their in the bench watching his buddies play. He manage not to look affected and he understand his father but his heart carry the adolescent pain until now.

Having a pair of shoes longer big deal for him since he already owns number of signatures shoes today, but time can no longer get back his young blood with rush of excitement playing infront of cheering girls and friends nor he have time to play basketball anymore. He is already a professional Architect and he only have 24 hours/7 days for his work and his family maybe someday when his son is ready to run and shoot around maybe he can find time to wear his shoe and play again.


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