From Santino to Bad Boy Baby Ama

My Levi just had his first official hair cut last Saturday 9th of January 2010 at our friendly neighborhood Barbero. Actually this is already his third haircut, we had long been planning this one even before he turn 1 but due to his parents hectic schedules, we only manage to do it a week after his birthday.
And since all of us are very excited including Papu no one remember to bring a camera so the memories just keep in our minds.

Since our friendly Barbero told us that for toddlers he only use razor and no no no to scissors to prevent accident, means  I cant have him cut the Korean look and just opt to semi-kalbo "De-Kwatro".

The episode lasted only for two minutes, Our little customer was sitting in the Barber chair with a wooden box to hold him high while I and Papu keep him still. He sit their wondering on himself in front of the big  mirror. The barber put something like a small pieneta in his razor and started on levi's bangs up to the the top. At the first he is behave with all the curiosity and question in his eyes as if asking, "What are they doing?, What is that sound? What are those falling done on my face? What is that in my head?" after awhile  fright seem sink in him that he start to struggle out of the chair and out of our grasp to escape the situation that he is into, he starts to cry.

The Barbers wanted to finish his craft perfectly for his little costumer, but the Levi  won't let it as he keeps on turning his head, I just told him that its okay I will just do the patilla and the ipoy ipoy later at home when he calms down. And so we left the Barber shop Levi staring badly to his smiling and Barber.

After his bath and milk drinking session he slept and wake up after an hour in full mood again. I face him to the mirror and for half a minute he stare at his reflection after a while he look at me and back to his image do the "close-open" and he smiled an indication that finally he knew the little guy staring at him at the mirror.
The haircut change him from the curly "Santino look" to "Baby Ama Look" His Papu fonds of him grew more and calling him a "Butangero" ( Mananapak na lang yan mamaya look) I complement his look that afternoon with matching gray sando.


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