Mommy Moments: New Born Days


We are expected to hear his first cry last 2008 Christmas day but he seems to love the warmth of my loving protection that he stayed longer but we can no longer wait for him to come out in his free will.

January 03, 2009 at 2:21pm,  after 23 hours he finally had his first breath of earth, I never expect to hear him that early during the operation, doctors keep on telling me that they haven't started yet because they know I am nervous. The sweet sound of his cry and a kiss on his cheeks was the last memory I had inside the OR.

The next day I had a chance to hold and nourish him, I am still afraid to hold him that time, afraid that i might drop or crush him . Funny he is so strong evey yawn he will lose on those blue blankets that nurses keep on tucking him in. He is in between 2 girls in the nursery but the nurses tells me that he is the most "iyakin" among them, his eyes are always puffy every time I visit him for feeding. Until we came home he is like a bat sleep at day and crying actively at night.

Levi is such cry baby but mommy will always have the patience for this little guy, forget with how my eye bags will look, there are lots of concealers and eye roll-on in the market as long as my Levi is comfortable in my arms.


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