My Dream Vacation for Summer 2010

I always love Summer, since childhood it always lighten me up thinking that holy week is coming equally means school is ending and I have all days of the coming three months doing nothing but splashing and relaxing around.

That childhood thoughts still remains in me, though some changes a little as the years past, I am now running away from work instead of school and I no longer have a quarter of a year to spent luxuriously lazying around. But I view it on the positive side, now I have my own money to spent and I no longer need a parent consent or a companion on everywhere I go, yahoo!

And for this year summer I love to be somewhere I can really relax my mind and pamper my body, soak on sun and sea water. The thought of these brings me a Bali or Malaysian destination and so, I tried searching for a perfect place, a resort 2 to 3 hours away from manila. Not in Batangas again, no not it Puerto Gallera, Boracay is out of the list. Then a friend suggest Subic, why not so i look for resorts in Subic voila! I bump into The Lighthouse Marina Resort.

For sometimes I scanned some reviews and all them loved the place and recommends it.  Not only that the place was well architecture, designed by Palafox Associates, but it offers superb service and the facilities specially the water sport activities are something to look forward too.With all the good things this people had said I know I find what I am looking for.

Next plan, shopping for perfect summer gears that will suite out perfect 2010 summer getaway at The Lighthouse Marina Resort. I'm excited to see the Lighthouse! See you there all.

* the picture above was taken last 2009 summer in Batangas


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