Levi's Advancing To Technology

Just a little to share, Sunday afternoon around siesta time I and Levi inside his playpen, I trying to catch some sleep while he throw his toys, tumbling and screaming around. For five minutes he just keeps on  doing that, until I notice that he stop and seems to concentrate on something. At last  he saw my laptop on top of the bed he was trying to reach it with all his might and so I get and place it down he hurriedly came to it, bang his hands and trying to open its lid . To give more I open it and to his delight he start pressing his hands to the keys as if imitating us typing, until accidentally it turned on and before he lock it ( password protected). I put it off and give it again to him just to keep him busy. I t happened twice after that, and it start to irritate me but  he acting kinda different, stare at the gadget intently as if trying to figure out something and I tell you that he do figured out something.
A light bulb light on his  head as I watch him advance little to the On-button he press it and once he saw the blue button light he turn to me smiling with the look of "proudness" to himself.
I thought that my eyes are only tricking me and I am just a little dreamy since I was so sleepy and again get it from him and turned it off but to test if he really figured it out I placed it again in front of him and watch him and to my very eyes he again reach for the On-button we both smile at each other for his new discovery indeed he is like a sponge, absorb everything he sees and hear, I kiss him and tell him very good but again I turned off the gadget ang put it inside the cabinet.
Yes my child is smart but as a mother I want to take the opportunity first to thought him physical and natural things like playing ball, reading books and socialize with playmates. He is only 1year old he has his lifetime to learn everything. I will selfishly keep him away from these gadgets and enjoy his childhood with me, I want his first wisdom's from us his parent and I want to instill in his young mind our loving care before computers and virtual games steal his attention from us.


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